Individuals by name: Edward St - Eleanor de

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Edward St
Edward St John (Death: 7 March 1388/9)

Ela de Beauchamp (Death: before 10 January 1266/7)
Ela de St Lo
Ela Longespee (Death: before 19 July 1276)
Ela Longespee (Death: 9 February 1297/8)
Ela of Salisbury

Elayne de Lacy

Eleanor Eleanor - Eleanor de
Eleanor Beauchamp
Eleanor Beauchamp
Eleanor de Bohun
Eleanor de Clare
Eleanor de Moleyns (Death: between 2 May 1489 and 16 May 1499)
Eleanor de Mowbray (Birth: shortly before 25 March 1364)
Eleanor de Neville
Eleanor de Segrave
Eleanor de Welles

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