Individuals by name: Richard le - Robert de

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Richard le - Richard Wydevill
Richard le Scrope
Richard Neville
Richard Siward
Richard Stanhope
Richard Wydevill


Robert Robert - Robert de
Robert Aspall
Robert de Beaumont
Robert de Bradeston (Death: Between Midsummer 1355 and 28 June 1357)
Robert de Clifford
Robert de Condet (Death: 10 October, perhaps 1140)
Robert de Harcourt
Robert de Holand
Robert de Lacy
Robert de Neubourg
Robert de Quency
Robert de Quency (Death: before Michaelmas 1197)
Robert de Quency (Death: 1217)
Robert de Rigge (Death: after 1376)
Robert de Stuteville
Robert de W...
Robert de Welle (Death: shortly before 24 SEP 1265)
Robert de Welles (Death: 19 March 1469/70)
Robert de Willoughby
Robert de Willoughby (Birth: circa 1250-60; Death: shortly before 25 March 1317)
Robert de Willoughby (Birth: about 1349; Death: 9 August 1396)
Robert de Willoughby (Birth: about 1385; Death: 25 July 1452)

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