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Results 1-10 of 23 for surname: morley (soundex); county: Lincolnshire

  1. CP 25/1/133/57, number 37: (1284)
    Persons: Hugh; Henry de Baunburg'; Eon de Assefordby; Maud; Hugh; Walter de Baunburg'; Amabilla Muriel'
    Places: Kirketon' in Hoyland' [Lincolnshire]
  2. CP 25/1/136/86, number 8: (1317)
    Persons: Richard de Morelegh'; John de Wintringham; Maud
    Places: Haytheby; Walcotes; Halton'; Alkebarwe [Lincolnshire]
  3. CP 25/1/136/90, number 13: (1321)
    Persons: William Merle; Margaret; William de Tynton'; John; William; Robert; William; John; Joan; Peter de Merle; Alan le Muer
    Places: Partenaye; Snelleslund'; Sunthorp'; Reresby; Staynton' by Langwath' [Lincolnshire]
  4. CP 25/1/137/93, number 3: (1323)
    Persons: William; Richard le Clerk'; Alice; Ralph; John Muriell'; John; Isabel; Avice; Henry de Halton'
    Places: Halton'; Southormesby; Halton'; Askeby by [Partenaye] [Lincolnshire]
  5. CP 25/1/137/97, number 10: (1328)
    Persons: Peter Merle; Beatrice; Hugh de Kelby; [Walter] de Rideford'; Alice; William de Fenby; Isabel; Cecily West; William; Beatrice de Utterby; Theophania; Ralph Moysant; Joan; Agnes Reyner
    Places: Barowe; Northormesby; Utterby [Lincolnshire]
  6. CP 25/1/138/105, number 26: (1336)
    Persons: Thomas Merle; William Blissot'; Denise
    Places: Boleby; Osgodby; Boleby [Lincolnshire]
  7. CP 25/1/138/106, number 3: (1337)
    Persons: John; William] de Ros; John de Merle; William de Surflete; John; William de Ros; Joan; William; Geoffrey de Sutton'
    Places: Hamelak'; Sc'o Botulpho; Ingmanthorp'; Sc'o Botulpho [Lincolnshire]
  8. CP 25/1/140/124, number 19: (1360)
    Persons: William Haulay; William Hanlay; Walter de Hamby; Richard Merle
    Places: Utterby [Lincolnshire]
  9. CP 25/1/141/127, number 28: (1364)
    Persons: John Brok'; Thomas de Stoke; William; John de Morlay; Joan
    Places: Walcreth'; Wynterton' [Lincolnshire]
  10. CP 25/1/141/128, number 18: (1365)
    Persons: John de Cotum; Margaret; William de Skipwyth'; John Merle; John Beamound'; John Neuill'
    Places: Scotelthorp'; Snartford' [Lincolnshire]

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