Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 9: Mortimer (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)


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Volume 9, page 276:
He [Ralph de Mortimer (d. 1246)] m., in 1230, Gladys (Gladusa) Duy, or Dark-eyed, da. of Llewelyn AP JORWORTH, by his 2nd wife, Joan (illeg. da. of KING JOHN), and widow of Reynold DE BRAOSE (d. June 1228).(j)
Note j:
Ann. Mon. (Rolls Ser.), vol. iv, p. 421.

On the identity of Gladys's mother, see Abergavenny, vol. 1, p. 22.

Volume 9, page 276 (as modified by volume 14):
He [Edmund de Mortimer (d. 1304)] m., 1stly, (---) [and 2ndly,] circa 1285, Margaret, da. of Sir William DE FENLES (or DE FIENES), ...
Note m:
... In addition to their son Roger, Edmund and Margaret had four daughters: Maud, ... Joan and Elizabeth ... He also had a da. Isolt by his first wife. See ante, vol. i, p. 347 (above, in present volume). Isolt, m. (1) Walter de Balun, (2) Hugh (AUDLEY), LORD AUDLEY (ante, vol. i, note (e))' [ex. inform. Lord Sandon]

Presumably the change from "three" to "four" daughters in volume 14 was a mistaken reference to Isolt (who cannot be a daughter of Margaret, even if she is a daughter of Edmund). For the identity of Isolt and the deduction that Edmund had an earlier marriage, see Audley (of Stratton Audley), vol. 1, pp. 347, 348.

For the additional daughter Eleanor, see main section.

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