Medieval English genealogy: updates: 11 December 2015

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Two further volumes in the Victoria County History series have recently appeared:

The following recently published volumes contain Latin calendars, with English summaries, of over 4000 supplications to Rome, including petitions for marriage dispensations.

A few months ago, Guy Lawton contacted me with details of his edition of the Church Lawton [Cheshire] Manor Court Rolls, 1631-1860, which was published as volume 147 of the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire series in 2013. The introduction gives a detailed description of the Lawton family during the period covered, and an appendix contains extensive details of the now-demolished Lawton Hall. (Further information is available here.) Mr Lawton has also photographed the earlier surviving court rolls, covering the period 1541-1628, and offers to make his photographs available to anyone who is willing to transcribe them. He says the Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire would undoubtedly publish the transcripts. If there are any volunteers, please could they contact me at the email address above?

New material

In the Feet of Fines section, abstracts of 1224 fines have been added, for:

Links to images of nearly all the original feet of fines in CP 25/1 for the period 1195-1509 have now been added to the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website. (The county of Huntingdonshire has yet to be covered, and there are some gaps for seven other counties.)

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