Medieval English genealogy: updates: 24 April 2015

This page contains brief details of the latest batch of updates to the site, and includes newly added and updated links. For brief details of these and older additions - without links, to make site maintenance easier - see the what's new page.

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I was recently sent details of the Richard III Foundation's annual conference, "England during the Reign of the Yorkist Kings," which will be held in Leicestershire on 16 and 17 October 2015. Further information is available in this Word file.

Two further volumes in the Victoria County History series have recently appeared:

Several other relevant books have also been published since the last update:

New material

In the Feet of Fines section, abstracts of 2916 fines have been added, for:

I'm also very grateful to Mrs Katharine Hanna for a further instalment of early Hampshire feet of fines - CP 25/1/203/5 (part), CP 25/1/203/6 and CP 25/1/203/7, covering the period 1228-1245.

Links to images of the original feet of fines on the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website have also been added for:

New links

Updated links

A few months ago, the people running British History Online thought it would be a good idea to change the addresses of a large number of the pages on their website. To avoid making it too easy for people to work out where the pages had gone, they were careful not to use any kind of redirection. My links to all these pages have now been updated (until next time, anyway). was recently acquired by Findmypast. The links to the records previously hosted by Origins have also been updated to point to their new locations.

Broken links

The following pages have recently become unavailable. If anyone can send me updated URLs for them, I'll be very grateful.