Medieval English genealogy: updates: 28 March 2017

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An important new reference work has recently been published. The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland, edited by Patrick Hanks, Richard Coates and Peter McClure (Oxford University Press, 2016), covers over 45,000 British and Irish surnames, including all those currently borne by more than 100 people. For each surname, there is an explanation of its origin, a list of early occurrences, and information about its frequency and geographical distribution. The dictionary includes surnames which originated outside the British Isles. Further information is available at the publisher's website.

Sadly, at 400 for the printed version and 260 even for the Kindle edition, this will be much too expensive for most people to buy. However, it is also available through the Oxford Reference website, so many UK library users have access to it through the Internet absolutely free of charge! As a bonus, the online version includes maps showing the distributions of surnames in 1881, which can be a surprisingly good guide to their original homes several centuries earlier.

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