Some corrections and additions to the Complete Peerage: Volume 1: Arundel (PROPOSED CORRECTIONS)

ARUNDEL (co. Sussex)

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Volume 1, page 233 (as modified by volume 14):
WILLIAM D'AUBIGNY de Albiniaco, or in the Anglo-Latin of Dugdale and other writers, DE ALBINI, surnamed "the strong hand," Lord of the manor of Buckenham, Norfolk, s. and h. of William D'A., of the same, (d. 1139) Pincerna Regis, by Maud, da. of Roger LE BIGOD, probably by his 2nd wife, Alice, s. and coh. of William de Tosny, Lord of Belvoir, da. of Robert de Tosny of the same, was b. early in the reign of Henry I.
Note from volume 14 for mother of Roger le Bigod:
B.L. Cott. MS. Titus CVIII, f. 71, ex. inform. Ethel Stokes. See NORFOLK.

On the question of whether Roger Bigod had one wife or two, see Norfolk, vol. 9, pp. 577-579.

According to K.S.B. Keats-Rohan [Prosopon, no 9 (1998)], Roger le Bigod's children by Alice were born from the late 1090s onwards. If so, and if William were a grandson of the marriage, he must have been born rather later than suggested above.

Volume 1, page 240:
He [John Fitz Alan (living 1292)] m. Isabel, da of Roger DE MORTIMER, of Wigmore, by Maud, da. and coh. of William DE BRIOUZE, of Brecknock.

Douglas Richardson, in February 2002, posted evidence that the marriage was contracted before 14 May 1260, when John was under 14 [citing H.E. Salter, The Feet of Fines for Oxfordshire, 1195-1291, pp. 241-242 (1930)].

Volume 1, page 241:
He [Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel (d. 1301/2)] m., before 1285, (when he was but 18) Alasia,(e) da. of Tommaso I, MARQUIS OF SALUZZO in Piedmont [1244-99], by Luisa, da. of Giorgio, MARQUIS OF CEVA.
Note e:
Her father's sister, another Alasia, m. Edmund (de Lacy), Earl of Lincoln, whom see. V.G.

Leo van de Pas, in April 2002, pointed out that both Alasia's parents were members of the del Vasto family; her mother, Luisa, appears in modern Italian works as "Aluigia", and Alasia's maternal grandmother is given as Menzia d'Este [citing Dizionario biografico degli Italiani, vol. 1 (1960) and F. Cognasso, Il Piemonte nell'eta sveva (1968)].

Volume 1, page 244:
He [Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel (d. 1375/6)] d. 24 Jan. 1375/6, also at Arundel, in his 70th year, and was also bur. at Lewes.

This statement conflicts with an earlier one, that he was born about 1313, which was presumably based on the age of 7 given in 1320/1.

[This discrepancy was pointed out by Adrian Channing, in July 2002.]

Volume 1, page 245:
... she [Philippe, widow of Richard (Fitz Alan), Earl of Arundel (d. 1397)] m., 3rdly, after Apr. 1398, Thomas (POYNINGS), LORD ST. JOHN OF BASING, and d. 24 Sep. 1401, at Halnaker, Sussex, being bur. at Boxgrove.

For the date of Philippe's marriage to Thomas Poynings, see Poynings of Basing, vol. 10, p. 667.

[Item last updated: 12 November 2003.]

Volume 1, page 250:
He [William (Fitz Alan), Earl of Arundel (d. 1543/4)] is said to have m., 1stly, Elizabeth, da. of Robert (WILLOUGHBY), LORD WILLOUGHBY DE BROKE, who is said to have d. s.p.m.

Presumably this would be the same Elizabeth who had previously been the wife of Sir John Dinham (d. 1500/1) [Complete Peerage, volume 4, page 380].

[Leo van de Pas pointed out this addition in February 2004.
Item last updated: 30 March 2004.]