Feet of Fines: Cambridgeshire

See also General Section.
1195-1214:  See General Section.
1195-1485:  Pedes Finium: or Fines, relating to the county of Cambridge, levied in the King's Court from the seventh year of Richard I to the end of the reign of Richard III.
Edited by Walter Rye.
(Cambridge Antiquarian Society; Cambridge, 1891)
Brief English abstracts; with indexes of names and places.
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For Divers and Unknown Counties, see Palmer, below.
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1485-1603:  Feet of Fines for Cambridgeshire Henry VII to Elizabeth. Divers Counties Fines Richard I to Richard III. De Banco Rolls Edward IV and Henry VII.
Edited by William Mortlock Palmer.
(Norwich, undated; reprinted from East Anglian, 1896, etc.)
Brief English abstracts; with a general index.
Second section contains Divers and Unknown Counties, 1195-1485.