Medieval source material on the internet

There is a huge amount of genealogical information on the internet. In addition to web pages compiled by researchers working on specific families, an increasing amount of primary source material is appearing online. The bulk of this is comparatively modern, and much of it relates to North America (it can be located through the genealogy websites listed on the main Links page). But medieval material is also becoming available, largely thanks to the efforts of academic historians.

The list below gives a selection of links to material relevant to (mainly) English genealogy for the period up to about 1600. I have tried to work on the basis of potential usefulness, rather than applying an academic criterion to decide what qualifies as 'a source' - the list includes source material itself, related indexes and lists, and also some secondary material such as history and biography which (it is to be hoped!) is closely based on the sources.

The material comes in a wide variety of formats. Some consists of images of either manuscript or printed sources (beware that some of these can be rather slow to download). Most has been converted to text, and is therefore searchable to some extent; in a few cases there is a specialised search facility. I have tried to indicate where the language is other than English.

Of course, it's important to remember that source material like this doesn't appear on the internet by magic! I have tried to indicate throughout the list the organisations or individuals responsible for putting the texts online. Note also that either the underlying paper text or the electronic version (or both) may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Suggestions for additions to the list will be very welcome! Also notice of errors, omissions, broken links etc...