Victoria County History place index: F

FaccombePastrow HundredHampshire, Volume 4
Faircross: Hundred of FaircrossBerkshire, Volume 4
FairfordBrightwells Barrow HundredGloucestershire, Volume 7
FairlightThe Rape and Honour of HastingsSussex, Volume 9
Faith: Priory of St Faith, HorshamReligious HousesNorfolk, Volume 2
FalmerThe Rape and Honour of LewesSussex, Volume 7
FangfossHarthill WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 3
Fangfoss: Hospital of FangfossReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
FarcetNorman Cross HundredHuntingdonshire, Volume 3
FarehamFareham HundredHampshire, Volume 3
Fareham HundredHampshire, Volume 3
Farewell: 7. The Priory of FarewellReligious HousesStaffordshire, Volume 3
Faringdon: Cell or Grange of FaringdonReligious HousesBerkshire, Volume 2
FaringdonSelborne HundredHampshire, Volume 3
Faringdon: Great FaringdonHundred of FaringdonBerkshire, Volume 4
Faringdon: Hundred of FaringdonBerkshire, Volume 4
Faringdon: Little FaringdonBroadwell, Langford and Kelmscott [Bampton Hundred, Part 4]Oxfordshire, Volume 17
Farleigh: 6. Priory of Monkton FarleighThe Religious Houses of WiltshireWiltshire, Volume 3
Farleigh WallopBermondspit HundredHampshire, Volume 3
Farleigh: Monkton FarleighBradford HundredWiltshire, Volume 7
FarleyTandridge HundredSurrey, Volume 4
Farley ChamberlayneKing's Somborne HundredHampshire, Volume 4
Farley: Hospital of St Farley near LutonReligious HousesBedfordshire, Volume 1
Farlington with DraytonPortsdown Hundred with the Liberties of Portsmouth and AlverstokeHampshire, Volume 3
FarmingtonBradley HundredGloucestershire, Volume 9
FarnboroughCrondall HundredHampshire, Volume 4
FarnboroughHundred of ComptonBerkshire, Volume 4
FarnboroughKington HundredWarwickshire, Volume 5
FarndishWilley HundredBedfordshire, Volume 3
FarnhamFarnham HundredSurrey, Volume 2
Farnham HundredSurrey, Volume 2
Farnham Royal with Hedgerley Dean and Seer GreenBurnham HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 3
Farnworth Grammar School, WidnesSchoolsLancashire, Volume 2
Favell: Weston FavellSpelhoe HundredNorthamptonshire, Volume 4
Faversham: Abbey of FavershamReligious HousesKent, Volume 2
FawfieldheadTotmonslow Hundred (part)Staffordshire, Volume 7
FawleyBishop's Waltham HundredHampshire, Volume 3
FawleyDesborough HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 3
Fawley Hundred with the Liberty of AlresfordHampshire, Volume 3
Fawley with WhatcombeHundred of Kintbury EagleBerkshire, Volume 4
Faxfleet: Preceptory of FaxfleetReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
FaxtonOrlingbury HundredNorthamptonshire, Volume 4
FeckenhamHalfshire HundredWorcestershire, Volume 3
Feckenham Free SchoolSchoolsWorcestershire, Volume 4
Fee: Hungerford with Eddington, Hidden and Sandon FeeHundred of Kintbury EagleBerkshire, Volume 4
Felixstowe: Priory of FelixstoweReligious HousesSuffolk, Volume 2
Felley: Priory of FelleyReligious HousesNottinghamshire, Volume 2
Felmersham with RadwellWilley HundredBedfordshire, Volume 3
FelphamArundel Rape (South-western Part)Sussex, Volume 5, part 1
FelthamSpelthorne HundredMiddlesex, Volume 2
Fen: Borough FenSoke of PeterboroughNorthamptonshire, Volume 2
Fen DittonFlendish HundredCambridgeshire, Volume 10
Fen DraytonPapworth HundredCambridgeshire, Volume 9
Fen StantonToseland HundredHuntingdonshire, Volume 2
Fenny: Bletchley with Fenny Stratford and Water EatonNewport HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 4
Fenny ComptonKington HundredWarwickshire, Volume 5
Fens: The Middle Level of the Fens and Its ReclamationHuntingdonshire, Volume 3
FentonThe City of Stoke-on-TrentStaffordshire, Volume 8
Fenton: Pidley with FentonHurstingstone HundredHuntingdonshire, Volume 2
FernhurstThe Rape of ChichesterSussex, Volume 4
Ferrers: Borough of Higham FerrersNorthamptonshire, Volume 3
Ferrers: College of Higham FerrersReligious HousesNorthamptonshire, Volume 2
Ferrers: Higham Ferrers HundredNorthamptonshire, Volume 4
Ferrers: Priory of Bicknacre or Woodham FerrersReligious HousesEssex, Volume 2
Ferriby: Priory of North FerribyReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
FerringArundel Rape (south-eastern part, comprising Poling Hundred)Sussex, Volume 5, part 2
Ferris: Norton Ferris HundredSomerset, Volume 7
FetchamCopthorne HundredSurrey, Volume 3
FiddingtonCannington HundredSomerset, Volume 6
Field: Priory of Field DallingReligious HousesNorfolk, Volume 2
Fields: College of the Chapel-in-the-Fields, NorwichReligious HousesNorfolk, Volume 2
Fields: Combe FieldsKnightlow HundredWarwickshire, Volume 6
Fields: Mare Street and London FieldsOssulstone Hundred (continued)Middlesex, Volume 10
Fields: The Hospital of St Giles-in-the-Fields, HolbornReligious HousesMiddlesex, Volume 1
Fifield: Benson (including Fifield, Preston Crowmarsh, Roke)Benson, Ewelme and the Chilterns (Ewelme Hundred)Oxfordshire, Volume 18
Fifield BavantChalke HundredWiltshire, Volume 13
FigheldeanAmesbury HundredWiltshire, Volume 15
FileyDickering WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 2
Filgrave: Tyringham with FilgraveNewport HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 4
FilkinsBroadwell, Langford and Kelmscott [Bampton Hundred, Part 4]Oxfordshire, Volume 17
FillongleyHemlingford HundredWarwickshire, Volume 4
Fimber[Buckrose Wapentake]Yorkshire: East Riding, Volume 8
Finchale: Priory of St John the Baptist and St Godric, FinchaleReligious HousesDurham, Volume 2
FinchampsteadCharlton HundredBerkshire, Volume 3
Finchdean HundredHampshire, Volume 3
Finchley: Christ's College, FinchleySchoolsMiddlesex, Volume 1
FinchleyOssulstone HundredMiddlesex, Volume 6
FindonBramber RapeSussex, Volume 6, part 1
FinedonHuxloe HundredNorthamptonshire, Volume 3
Fineshade: Priory of Fineshade or Castle HymelReligious HousesNorthamptonshire, Volume 2
FingallRichmondshireYorkshire: North Riding, Volume 1
FingestDesborough HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 3
FinmerePloughley HundredOxfordshire, Volume 6
First: St Hilda's First MonasteryReligious HousesDurham, Volume 2
First: The Resorts in the First World WarClacton, Walton and Frinton. North-East Essex Seaside Resorts [Tendring Hundred]Essex, Volume 11
Fishbourne: New FishbourneThe Rape of ChichesterSussex, Volume 4
Fishergate: Hospital of St Helen or Fishergate Hospital, YorkReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Fishergate: Priory of All Saints, Fishergate, YorkReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Fishersgate Half HundredBramber RapeSussex, Volume 6, part 1
Fishersgate: The Half-Hundred of FishersgateThe Rape and Honour of LewesSussex, Volume 7
Fisherton AngerThe City of New SalisburyWiltshire, Volume 6
Fisherton de la MereWarminster HundredWiltshire, Volume 8
Fisherwick with TamhornThe City of LichfieldStaffordshire, Volume 14
FittletonElstub and Everleigh HundredWiltshire, Volume 11
Fladbury with Hill and Moor, Ablench, Stock and Bradley, Throckmorton, Wyre PiddleOswaldslow HundredWorcestershire, Volume 3
FlamboroughDickering WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 2
FlamsteadDacorum HundredHertfordshire, Volume 2
Flamstead: Priory of St Giles in the Wood, FlamsteadReligious HousesHertfordshire, Volume 4
Flaunden: Hemel Hempstead with Bovingdon and FlaundenDacorum HundredHertfordshire, Volume 2
Flavell: Flyford FlavellPershore HundredWorcestershire, Volume 4
Flaxley: Abbey of FlaxleyReligious HousesGloucestershire, Volume 2
FlaxleySt Briavels HundredGloucestershire, Volume 5
FleckneyGartree HundredLeicestershire, Volume 5
Fleet MarstonAshendon HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 4
Fleetham: Kirkby FleethamRichmondshireYorkshire: North Riding, Volume 1
Fleming: Burton FlemingDickering WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 2
Flendish HundredCambridgeshire, Volume 10
FlettonNorman Cross HundredHuntingdonshire, Volume 3
Flitcham: Priory of FlitchamReligious HousesNorfolk, Volume 2
Flitt HundredBedfordshire, Volume 2
Flitton cum SilsoeFlitt HundredBedfordshire, Volume 2
FlitwickRedbornestoke HundredBedfordshire, Volume 3
FlixtonSalford Hundred (continued)Lancashire, Volume 5
Flixton: Hospital of St Mary and St Andrew, FlixtonReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Flixton: Priory of FlixtonReligious HousesSuffolk, Volume 2
Flyford FlavellPershore HundredWorcestershire, Volume 4
Flyford: Grafton FlyfordPershore HundredWorcestershire, Volume 4
FoleshillThe City of CoventryWarwickshire, Volume 8
Foliat: Chilton FoliatKinwardstone HundredWiltshire, Volume 16
Foliat: Draycot FoliatKingsbridge HundredWiltshire, Volume 9
Folkestone: Priory of FolkestoneReligious HousesKent, Volume 2
FolksworthNorman Cross HundredHuntingdonshire, Volume 3
FolktonDickering WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 2
Fonthill BishopDownton HundredWiltshire, Volume 11
Fonthill GiffordDunworth HundredWiltshire, Volume 13
ForcettRichmondshireYorkshire: North Riding, Volume 1
Ford: Dinton with Ford and UptonStone HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 2
FordArundel Rape (South-western Part)Sussex, Volume 5, part 1
FordFord HundredShropshire, Volume 8
Ford HundredShropshire, Volume 8
Ford: The East: Old Ford Lane, Green Street, and Globe TownOssulstone Hundred (continued)Middlesex, Volume 11
FordhamStaploe HundredCambridgeshire, Volume 10
FordhamLexden HundredEssex, Volume 10
Fordham: Priory of FordhamReligious HousesCambridgeshire, Volume 2
Fordingbridge HundredHampshire, Volume 4
Fordingbridge with Godshill, Broomy Lodge, Linford, Picked Post and ShobleyFordingbridge HundredHampshire, Volume 4
Fordingbridge: Hospital of FordingbridgeReligious HousesHampshire, Volume 2
Forebridge: 29. Stafford, Forebridge, St John the BaptistReligious HousesStaffordshire, Volume 3
Forebridge: 30. Stafford, Forebridge, St LeonardReligious HousesStaffordshire, Volume 3
Forest: Chute ForestKinwardstone HundredWiltshire, Volume 16
Forest HillBullingdon HundredOxfordshire, Volume 5
Forest of DeanGloucestershire, Volume 5
Forest: Needwood ForestTutbury and Needwood ForestStaffordshire, Volume 10
Forest: New Forest HundredHampshire, Volume 4
Forest: Stockton-on-the-ForestBulmer WapentakeYorkshire: North Riding, Volume 2
Forest: Sutton-on-the-ForestBulmer WapentakeYorkshire: North Riding, Volume 2
Forest: Tutbury and Needwood ForestStaffordshire, Volume 10
ForthamptonTewkesbury Hundred, lower divisionGloucestershire, Volume 8
FortonCuttlestone Hundred [Western Division]Staffordshire, Volume 4
FosburyKinwardstone HundredWiltshire, Volume 16
FoscottBuckingham HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 4
Fosse: Priory of FosseReligious HousesLincolnshire, Volume 2
Fosse: Stretton-on-FosseKington HundredWarwickshire, Volume 5
Fossgate: Trinity Hospital, Fossgate, YorkReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Foston on the WoldsDickering WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 2
Foston with Thornton-le-ClayBulmer WapentakeYorkshire: North Riding, Volume 2
Fotheringhay: College of FotheringhayReligious HousesNorthamptonshire, Volume 2
FotheringhayWillybrook HundredNorthamptonshire, Volume 2
Foukeholm: Priory of St Stephen, FoukeholmReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Foulbridge: Preceptory of FoulbridgeReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Foulsnape: Hospital of St Michael, Foulsnape, PontefractReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Fountains: Abbey of FountainsReligious HousesYorkshire: General, Volume 3
Four: Brewham Lodge, Eastrip, and Four TowersBruton HundredSomerset, Volume 7
FowlmereThriplow HundredCambridgeshire, Volume 8
Fox's: Bishop Fox's Girls' SchoolSchoolsSomerset, Volume 2
Foxcott: Andover with FoxcottAndover HundredHampshire, Volume 4
Foxearle: The Hundred of FoxearleThe Rape and Honour of HastingsSussex, Volume 9
FoxholesDickering WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 2
FoxleyMalmesbury HundredWiltshire, Volume 14
FoxtonThriplow HundredCambridgeshire, Volume 8
FoxtonGartree HundredLeicestershire, Volume 5
FraisthorpeDickering WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 2
Frampton on SevernWhitstone HundredGloucestershire, Volume 10
Frampton: Priory of FramptonReligious HousesDorset, Volume 2
FrankleyHalfshire HundredWorcestershire, Volume 3
FranktonKnightlow HundredWarwickshire, Volume 6
Free: The Royal Free Chapel of St Stephen WestminsterReligious HousesLondon, Volume 1
FreefolkEvingar HundredHampshire, Volume 4
Freeford: 24. Freeford, St LeonardReligious HousesStaffordshire, Volume 3
FreefordThe City of LichfieldStaffordshire, Volume 14
Freemanors: Williton and Freemanors Hundred (eastern part)Somerset, Volume 5
Freiston: Priory of FreistonReligious HousesLincolnshire, Volume 2
Frenchmoor: Broughton with FrenchmoorThorngate HundredHampshire, Volume 4
FrenshamFarnham HundredSurrey, Volume 2
FreshwaterWest Medine Liberty or HundredHampshire, Volume 5
Fretherne and SaulWhitstone HundredGloucestershire, Volume 10
Friar: Preceptory of Friar MayneReligious HousesDorset, Volume 2
Friars: Black FriarsThe City of LeicesterLeicestershire, Volume 4
Friars: White FriarsThe City of LeicesterLeicestershire, Volume 4
Friarside: Hospital of FriarsideReligious HousesDurham, Volume 2
Fridaythorpe[Buckrose Wapentake]Yorkshire: East Riding, Volume 8
Frideswide: Priory of St Frideswide, OxfordReligious HousesOxfordshire, Volume 2
Friern BarnetOssulstone HundredMiddlesex, Volume 6
FrilshamHundred of FaircrossBerkshire, Volume 4
FringfordPloughley HundredOxfordshire, Volume 6
Frinton: Clacton, Walton and Frinton. North-East Essex Seaside Resorts [Tendring Hundred]Essex, Volume 11
Frinton[Tendring Hundred]Essex, Draft text(s) on VCH Essex web site
Frinton-on-Sea to 1914Clacton, Walton and Frinton. North-East Essex Seaside Resorts [Tendring Hundred]Essex, Volume 11
Frisby: Galby and FrisbyGartree HundredLeicestershire, Volume 5
FritwellPloughley HundredOxfordshire, Volume 6
FrocesterWhitstone HundredGloucestershire, Volume 10
FrodesleyCondover HundredShropshire, Volume 8
Frodingham: North FrodinghamNorth divisionYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 7
Frognal and the Central DemesneOssulstone Hundred (continued)Middlesex, Volume 9
Frome: Blue or Charity School, FromeSchoolsSomerset, Volume 2
Frome: Free Grammar School, FromeSchoolsSomerset, Volume 2
FroxfieldEast Meon HundredHampshire, Volume 3
FroxfieldKinwardstone HundredWiltshire, Volume 16
FroyleAlton HundredHampshire, Volume 2
Fugglestone St PeterThe Borough of WiltonWiltshire, Volume 6
FulbournFlendish HundredCambridgeshire, Volume 10
FulbrookBarlichway HundredWarwickshire, Volume 3
FulfordOuse and Derwent WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 3
FulkingThe Rape and Honour of LewesSussex, Volume 7
Full SuttonHarthill WapentakeYorkshire: East Riding, Volume 3
FulmerStoke HundredBuckinghamshire, Volume 3
FuntingtonThe Rape of ChichesterSussex, Volume 4
Furness: Abbey of FurnessReligious HousesLancashire, Volume 2
FurnessLonsdale Hundred (North of the Sands)Lancashire, Volume 8
Furneux PelhamEdwinstree HundredHertfordshire, Volume 4
FurthoCleley HundredNorthamptonshire, Volume 5
FyfieldAndover HundredHampshire, Volume 4
FyfieldHundred of OckBerkshire, Volume 4
FyfieldOngar HundredEssex, Volume 4
Fyfield: Hospital of FyfieldReligious HousesBerkshire, Volume 2
Fylde: Poulton-le-FyldeAmounderness HundredLancashire, Volume 7
FylingdalesWhitby Strand LibertyYorkshire: North Riding, Volume 2